ELCA Passes Statement on Human Sexuality

As of 6pm CST on Wednesday, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America passed the proposed statement on human sexuality with the narrowest margin of 66.6% to 33.3%.

Directly from the ELCA’s website:

The 2001 ELCA Churchwide Assembly, meeting in Indianapolis, asked for a social statement on human sexuality. Social statements are theological and teaching documents on significant issues of social importance and form the basis for social policy in the ELCA. If adopted “Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust” becomes the 10th ELCA social statement.

The proposed social statement was drafted by a task force. An initial draft was released in 2008. Following discussion and comments from throughout the church, the draft was revised and a proposed social statement was released in February 2009. The document was reviewed by church leaders and transmitted by the ELCA Church Council to the Churchwide Assembly. A two-thirds majority is required to adopt social statements in the ELCA.

“Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust” addresses key Lutheran principles about living faithfully in a complex world, social structures, trust in relationships, cohabitation, sexual exploitation, abuses of the ministerial office and healthy workplaces.

This means that the ELCA now will ordain people in open and committed same-sex relationships. This is a big deal. Here’s the moment captured by the one, the only, Jake Bouma:

The policies will be voted on this Friday. To the best of my understanding, the proposed policies are how the statement will be enacted throughout the denomination. The what was voted on today, that being the statement on sexuality, “Gift & Trust“.

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4 Responses to “ELCA Passes Statement on Human Sexuality”

  1. lightenupgear August 20, 2009 at 2:06 pm #

    Did you happen to read John Piper's post this morning?


    He also posted a link to this:


  2. Justin Wise August 20, 2009 at 3:01 pm #

    Yeah. It will be part of my post today, actually.