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Welcome to New Sponsor iCrash!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to our newest sponsor,

A few words from iCrash founder, Miles King:

I felt like God placed a desire in me to form an online community where individuals can grow in their relationship with Christ together.  I feel that as Christians, we should be consumed with feasting on God’s word and loving others both inside the church and out.  I was able to create a forum that has the potential to grow and impact a lot of people’s lives, and this is the core focus of the website.  This idea of community and using a forum to allow individuals to interact with one another and push each other in their daily walks with Christ.

You can get more iCrash here or read the latest post here.

Either way, we’re thrilled to have them on board! Help me welcome them and stop by to say hello sometime.

Thanks for Keeping the Lights On!

981372736_74e2d99d8f_b is a labor of love–for those of us in front of and behind the scenes. Nevertheless, it’s still labor and labor takes work.

Would you kindly consider visiting and/or patronizing the following websites? The people behind them are helping keep the lights on in the BeDeviant household. Thank you sponsors!

  • MemberHub: Great people. Great product. Ever needed to get a bunch of people on the same page? Try it the 21st century way–online. MemberHub will hook you up.
  • Puffy Shirt: Faith. Technology. Life. A great social commentary site based off of the “puffy shirt” episode on Seinfeld. What’s not to love there?
  • Collision Media: All too often church websites are really bad. Collision makes this happen less often. Does your website need help? Collision.
  • Twubs: What can I say? We love Twubs. And we actually use the site! Twubs needs to be experienced, suffice to say you will find anything you ever wanted to know on a given Twitter topic on Twubs.
  • Rockbridge Seminary: Combining two of my loves–theological education and online community. Don’t want to move to go to seminary? Now you don’t have to!
  • Ministry 2: A great conference taking place in a few days–unpacking the use of web in ministry. Get educated!
  • Deviant T’s: Sport your deviance. Grab a Deviant T and where it proudly
  • You! Would you like to join the sponsor family? We have a few slots open if you’d like to reach our growing and influential community.

Thanks again to all of these wonderful people. We could not do this without you!

Ministry 2 Unpacks the Possibilities of the Web

ministry2_boxgraphicMinistry 2 is more than a conference–it’s a movement. A movement that seeks to “unpack the possibilities of the web in ministry.” Want to hop onboard?

On October 9-10, web ministry strategists from across the country will gather in Pensacola, FL to discuss what God is doing through the internet and how we can join him there. The speaker list isn’t too shabby either: Tony Steward, John Saddington and Jason Reynolds will all be there. is proud to be a sponsor for the conference, and we’re even happier to give you, our readers, a 10% discount when registering for the conference:

From now until the day of Ministry 2 Pensacola, readers can save 10% by registering with the code “BEDEVIANT” at checkout!

If you’re at all interested in exploring what it means to be the Church in the digital age, Ministry 2 would be a great place to ask questions and see what others are up to. From

Ministry 2 is a hands-on workshop and live event designed for church leaders and volunteers interested in enhancing their ministry using the latest in Web technology. Conceived by a team of Web evangelists with a heart for the local church, Ministry 2 is a grassroots effort allowing believers of all backgrounds to come together to celebrate Christ, while sharing and learning from one another. Driven not by the interest of event sponsors – our relaxed learning environment offers everything from hands-on workshops for beginners, to more theory-driven curriculum tailored to the needs of more seasoned participants. If you are seeking a path to grow your ministry, Ministry 2 is the event for you.

You can read more about Ministry 2 by checking out their Twitter, Facebook or the official hashtag for the event, #ministry2.

Thank You!


We wanted to take a quick second and thank the sponsors for their continued support of this site. Making this site “go” consistently takes work and our sponsors make that work a little bit easier. If you get a chance today, check these guys out:

1. Need affordable, clean, well-designed websites for your ministry or church? Clover will hook you up! My friend Paul’s church uses Clover and they couldn’t be happier.

2. Twubs is about to explode. Trust me. Twubs is the place to go when you want to know what’s shaking down Twitter. I also got a chance to see some sweet features that Tony and the crew is about to roll out for conferences and churches. The next time you find yourself stuck at home during the next big conference, go to and feel like you’re right there in the action.

3. Aside from being one of the nicest guys on the planet, Matt Harrell also has a phenomenal online solution for small groups, ministries, and churches. If you’ve found yourself frustrated while trying to get a whole bunch of people all on the same page, MemberHub is your (affordable) solution. Group calendars, file sharing, e-mail and text reminders for your hub–they’ll hook you up. “Empowering groups, growing communities.”

So THANK YOU! If you’re interested in partnering with us at BeDeviant, you can check out our sponsor page or hit us up on the email. We’re also excited to roll our our new partnership with They’re pretty selective on who they partner with, so we’re honored to be a part of the team.

We’ve also rolled out a few new sponsor options, namely the four buttons at the bottom of the main post. Each spot is $29 per month and as of this post, all four spots are open! This would be a great opportunity to grab some affordable advertising space on our emerging and growing community here at

Feel free to get a hold of us with any questions and check out our sponsor page for more opportunities. And again … thanks to our wonderful sponsors! Simplifies Group Communication

This past summer, I had my 10-year reunion. It ended up being a great time, but I got stuck planning the whole thing, “(if not you, who? If not now, when?”). Needless to say, it was a pain.

Why? Mostly because the 500 people I graduated with have been scattered all across the universe; doing this and that, living here and there. There was no easy, centralized, intuitive place for all of us to come and communicate online. Some people got left out of the loop, causing them to miss the reunion. Simply put, they weren’t happy.

“Why didn’t you just use Facebook?” you might be wondering. For starters, not everyone is on Facebook, not everyone classified themselves as graduating from our school and class, and most of the women in my class who were married didn’t have the same name! It would’ve been a Herculean effort to try and find everyone, to say the least.

I wish someone would have told me about! “Simple, affordable, church communication and small group solutions.”

MemberHub provides a very easy solution to online group management. It literally gets everyone on the same page. For instance, if I would have used MemberHub for our reunion, I could have:

  • Started conversations on the discussion board to get people “reacquainted” with each other before “the big day.”
  • Posted a calendar of events, keeping everyone on the same page as to when the reunion is happening, where it’s happening, etc.
  • Uploaded a pdf flyer of a map for where everything is happening, a class list, a “digital” yearbook, etc.

Simply put, MemberHub would have made the reunion planning a lot easier and, frankly, more fun. The user interface is clean, crisp, and everything is easy to find. One of the best parts about MemberHub is that everything is completely secure: You decide who gets to see what, eliminating the “stumble upon” effect.

MemberHub isn’t just for reunions. It shines when it is implemented for church and ministry communication. Let’s be honest, most church communication systems resemble a rat’s nest more than anything else. Usually the only thing getting “communicated” is frustration! MemberHub solves that by providing an intuitive, useful, centralized and simple way for small groups, classmates, ministries, and churches to communicate.

There’s a lot more going on at than I can pack into this one post. Check out the tour or peep the screencast of the site down below:

If you’re a small groups coordinator, a pastor, a leader of a ministry with lots of team members, or some poor soul who got suckered into planning his (or her!) 10-year reunion, do yourself a favor and give Matt a holler at He’s a great guy and this is a great product. The website says it all, “Simple, affordable, church communication and small group solutions.”

New Sponsor: Welcomes Twubs!

Back in April, Catalyst West got underway in sunny California. Great speakers, great bands, great atmosphere, great conference. It was all great.

There was only one problem: I wasn’t there.

It wasn’t in the cards (or the budget) for me to be there in person. In my despair, I stumbled upon a website that I kept hearing about, I’m glad I found it because the site gave me the next-best-thing to being at the conference! goes by the slogan, “hashtags made useful” and they do just that! Hashtags (or the “#” sign for those unaware of Twitter lingo) make following conversation topics extremely easy and Twubs does a tremendous job of piling all the hashtag fun into one place.

It’s easy: For Catalyst West all I did was find the official hashtag (#catwest) and type it into Twubs:


Then everything being mentioned about Catalyst West pops up onto an easy-to-read display (and the best part is that it auto-refreshes! Streaming content is a must!). You get all the tagged pictures and videos from the event:


And, of course, you get all the tweets you can handle pertaining to your specific hashtag:


Hashtags are a great idea, but only if they’re used properly. does a great job of doing that, of making hastags useful. They’ve also integrated Twitter functionality into the site so you can tweet directly from Twubs if you have something to add to the conversation.

So the next time you want to follow a conference, Twitter TV commentary (I used Twubs during the LOST finale as well), or trending topics, check out Twubs!

This is an example of a sponsored post. Find out more information about our sponsored posts here.


Join the Team: June Sponsorship Opportunities

We’re excited to roll out some new ways to partner with for the month of June! We’ve reworked the site a bit to better serve our readers and our partners: Less clutter for our readers but better exposure for our partners.

As such, we’re rolling out some wicked good deals on our advertising spots for the month of June. Here’s how it’s going to go:

Sidebar 125×125 ads:


  • These ads are $49/month.
  • Buy three months and we will give you the fourth one free (must be locked in by June 15th).
  • There are two spots is one spot open. (Welcome aboard Twubs!)
  • We’ll even throw in a sponsored post for you as well. (See an example here.)

Single Post Sponsor:


  • These ads appear right above the comments section of every post, getting you guaranteed exposure.
  • This ad spot is normally $99/month, but we’re offering it for $50/month for as long of a contract you’d like. (Must be locked in by June 15th).
  • This an exclusive ad spot on–first come, first serve.

Want to get started? Contact us and we’ll get you hooked up real quick like. We’re glad to be partnered with really good people and organizations. We’d love to partner with you!.

New Sponsor: Welcomes Clover!


Everyone, please join me in giving a warm welcome to the newest edition to the family…!

Stop me if you’re heard this before:

1. Growing ministry (church plant, parachurch organization, new ministry initiative, etc.) needs website.

2. Growing ministry goes to build website, realizes it takes a.) A lot of work, b.) A lot of money, c.) A lot of work and money.

3. Growing ministry either a.) gets frustrated and tries to “build their own” or, b.) spends entire year’s budget on a website that could launch a rocket into outer space.

Enter Clover.

Clover “makes websites for growing ministries” and they do it well. (They’re also affordable too. Bonus!)

So surf on over and check out their work. Also, make sure to shoot ’em a line and thank them for supporting the community of!

Are you interested in sponsoring as well? Check out our sponsors page and give us a shout….

Lovers of the Bean Juice Unite!


I love coffee. I make no bones about it–I love the sweet bean juice.

As such, I like to find places that make a good cup of Joe here in the Des Moines area. There’s a lot of national chains, a few decent local ones, but there’s one I go back to all the time–Scooters at 63rd and Grand in West Des Moines.


I like the atmosphere. The baristas behind the counter usually know my name and exactly what I’m drinking. Plus, the manager Jill is one for great conversation (and sometimes she gives me free coffee!)

They’re based out of Omaha, which is where my wife, Kerry, is from. Whenever we go back to visit her folks, I know that we’re headed to Scooters–and that is a very good thing. It’s one of the few coffee shops that Kerry will actually get coffee from–she doesn’t even like coffee, but Scooters is that good.


I usually spend Wednesday mornings at Scooters doing my sermon preparation for the week (it’s quiet), answering emails (free wifi), talking with the baristas (they’re friendly) and interacting with all of you.

So if you’re in Des Moines or ever passing by, head on down to Scooters. Grab a coffee (dark roast is the best), a mocha (I get a triple iced myself) or a chai (my wife loves these) and tell them sent you!

(Update: You must, you must, you must say hello to “the Joey” the next time you’re at Scooters!)

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