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Caption Please!

Caption Please!

Context: The person who received this letter recently went through a divorce.

Caption Please! Easter Edition

Missionary Dating

You’re looking at a screenshot from the website, a website that encourages what she calls “missionary dating.”

What’s missionary dating? Simply put, it’s when a Christian person dates a non-Christian person in the hopes of converting them to Christianity. Here’s a snippet from the website creator, “Tamara”, herself:


The Withdrawal Method

This is a guest post from Steel. Yes, Steel. Kind of like Cher, but not really.

Probably one of the church’s biggest strategic mistakes in the last 50 years has been our withdrawal from the community.

We’ve preached for decades “don’t be part of this world” until we finally got there. Now, we build campuses, away from town. We organize our “own” events. Fall festivals instead of Halloween. We have been very effective in separating ourselves from the community. Then we go onto these campuses every weekend, take in something, and are told to go out and share it. Share it? With whom? The people I have lunch or dinner with, that were at the same service, or another church that morning? Who exactly? No one. That’s who.

Christ didn’t separate himself from “the world”. He lived right in there amongst them. Close enough to make the current religious leaders very uncomfortable, accusing him of excess in both drink and food. Out of this observation rises a very key idea. It’s an idea that Jesus instructed us about. He said that though we must be in the world, we must not be of it.


Burning the Koran

Some of you have been wondering what our response is to the Christian threat of burning the Koran on the anniversary of 9/11. The so-called “Burn a Koran Day”.

I believe it is one of the most degrading, selfish, disrespectful and cruel acts imaginable. It could even cost Americans their lives. As someone who has dear missionary friends serving in a Muslim country, this buffoonery crosses the line from embarrassing into dangerous. But, of course, “someone has to stand up to Islam.” Right?


Hurt People, Hurt People: Lessons from Echo

Kem Meyer nailed it.

So did Carlos Whitaker.

I’m about to nail it, too … Stop hatin’. Yeah. Stop hatin’.

I’m here at Echo 2010 down in Dallas and the “talk of the town” has been the vitriol on the Echo Twitter feed.


Does the Bridge Illustration Still Work?

Do evangelism tools like the bridge illustration still work? I was confronted by the tried-and-true Gospel pitch recently and I found myself thinking, “Wow. People still do this. Hm.”

For those wondering, the bridge illustration conveniently outlines how one propositionally gets to Heaven.

Drive-By Scripturing

Some people like to isolate certain verses and then wield them like a weapon to support their doctrine of choice.

Have you noticed this?

I call it, “drive-by Scripturing.” I’m no better or different. That’s why I’m trying to switch to the “long division” method of Scripture citation.

I’ve found that it’s almost never helpful to pull individual Bible verses out of their given context. Fortune cookie Scripture reading lends itself to easily to the building up (and tearing down) of lifeless straw men. That’s why I’ve become a fan of citing really long portions of Scripture. It may not be the most efficient method of communication, but it certainly is the safest.

If you take a verse out of it’s context, you can make the Bible say anything you want. Many cults do this. When you isolate Scripture verses from their context, it’s like taking diamond out of an engagement ring. Sure, the ring is nice by itself–it is gold, after all–but the real “SHAPOW!” comes when that gem is nestled nice and tight into it’s setting.

Can I ask a favor? Don’t do a “drive-by” here, on Twitter, Facebook, in your church or anywhere else. People could get hurt.

An App for Everything … Even Church Signs

I’m not sure what to make of the church sign below.

On one hand you have a church that’s willing to take the risk and use a clearly identifiable piece of pop culture in their branding.

On the other hand, well, the sign looks like it was drawn by the church youth group.

I’m torn. What do you think?


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