Building the Kingdom with Social Media

If you’re at all interested in the field of social media and ministry, you know the metrics that we use to measure success aren’t the same as the marketplace.

  • Churches don’t measure sales.
  • Ministries don’t generate leads.
  • Faith organizations can’t necessarily (primarily) focus on goods sold.

So how, then, do we measure results in social media and ministry? Well, that’s what Monk and some of our partners are setting out to do. I’ve written up the details over at, suffice to say it’s a survey we could use your input on.

If you:

  • Work at a church that uses social media,
  • Go to a church that uses social media,
  • Use social media yourself

You need to take this survey! Like I said, instructions are over on Check it out and let me hear  you holla! runs on the Standard Theme

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