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R.I.P. Michael “iMonk” Spencer

From one of Michael’s last posts:

The ultimate apologetic is to a dying man.

That is what all those “Where is God?” statements in the Psalms are all about. They are, at least partially, invitations to Christians to speak up for the dying.

All the affirmations to God as creator and designer are fine, but it is as the God of the dying that the Christian has a testimony to give that absolutely no one else can give.

We need to remember that each day dying people are waiting for the word of death and RESURRECTION.

Michael Spencer, a.k.a. “iMonkdied tonight after a long battle with cancer.

We grieve with those who grieve. We rejoice knowing the Michael is with his LORD.

Before Christ, After Christ

Some of you who read this blog follow Jesus. Some of you don’t, but are curious. We had a powerful weekend at my church where hundreds of people met Jesus for the first time.

Part of that introduction came after a “skit” (for lack of a better term) where people in our church held up signs with one side reading what life was like before Christ, the other side what life was like after Christ. My sign read like this:


Deviant Story: Scott McClellan

Why Did I Start Real Fake Ads?

Recently, I did something weird: I started a website called Real Fake Ads ( The premise is fairly straightforward — I create fake ads for fake things and post them on the blog. My intent is to make people laugh and maybe make them think or see the world a little differently. Whether or not I accomplish that on a regular basis, I dunno.

Recently, Justin asked me to write this post and explore why I created the site, and I’m glad he did. Here are the reasons I came up with.


Caption This: Shredded Jesus!

Caption please.

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