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Down the Aisle, Disbelief, and a Bag of Weed

Cultivate/STORY were a lot of fun. I even have proof.

Below are a few videos I collected from the week. They roll as follows:

  1. A walk from the back of the Paramount Theatre to the front during the opening session of STORY.
  2. This is short clip from the session I facilitated. I prayed that three people would show up. They did … And then some.
  3. We found a bag of weed. Yes, that weed.


Cultivate 09 and Story 09 Wrap-Up Bonanza


Phew. That was quite a week.

Cultivate was one of the most innovative, refreshing and challenging “conferences” I’ve been to in awhile. I had the chance to present on a topic I love. I got to meet some online friends “IRL” (in real life). A great day.

STORY was phenomenal. From the hidden book search to the accordion players to the speakers, it was a “top-notch” event. Ben Arment couldn’t have done it any better. Life-changing, for realz.

I live-blogged as much as I could. My fingers got a sweet work out–all for the sake of you, the readership. You can find my notes for Cultivate here and my notes for STORY here.

Dig in. Dive deep. Let God breathe!

(Image: Anthony Barlich)

Story Chicago 09 | Cynthia Ware & Drew Goodmanson

Story Chicago 09 | Ron Martoia

Story Chicago 09 | Thomas Fluharty

Story 09 Chicago | Skye Jethani

Story Chicago 09 | Donald Miller

Story Chicago 09 | Mike Foster

Story Chicago 09 | John Ortberg/Nancy Beach

Story Chicago 09 | Chris Seay

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