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David Ramsey Rules.

Dave Ramsey

I just love this guy. I mean, can you put it any better?

Dave Ramsey busts the seams off of all the centuries-old Christian “doctrine” surrounding money and finances. He busts those life-sucking doctrines in the mouth with a sock full of nickels.

Take a listen to this call and see if it doesn’t resonate with you. Any pastors out there agree? Disagree? Non-Christians, what’s your take on how Christians approach their money?.


I recently found the Book of Common Prayer online. I know that sometimes we in the postmodern/emerging community tend to snicker with the “thee’s” and “thou’s” included in the (for lack of a better word) “old-timey” ways of praying, but dang – those guys knew their stuff. Take a look for the prayer for this week, the Proper 4 in the Season of Pentecost:

O God, whose never-failing providence ordereth all things
both in heaven and earth: We humbly beseech thee to put
away from us all hurtful things, and give us those things
which are profitable for us; through Jesus Christ our Lord,
who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one
God, for ever and ever. Amen.

I’m beginning to find beauty in not only the way these old prayers were crafted, but also in the system in which those crafted prayers were nestled. There is a beauty and order to it which reflects the ways in which the creation story in Genesis shows God’s intentional, direct, and structured system of creation.

I also just finished reading a book called, “Who Afraid of Postmodernism?” By James K.A. Smith. In it, Smith declares that the most defiant act of the postmodern church is to in fact return to its premodern roots. In other words, beckon the Church to return to a “Radical Orthodoxy.” He maintains that liturgy, lectionaries, tradition, and crafted prayers like the one I listed above have a much bigger place in the order of service in a church than we currently reserve.

What about you? What do you think? Is the postmodern church – a generation which rails against “doing things the way they’ve always been done” – best served by returning to her liturgical roots? Or is this one more “nail” in the “culture coffin” that would place the Church, as we know it, six feet under?.


This is a great article, all around.

Please, for all things good and pleasant in your life, get out of debt.


Life Happens.

Sometimes there are things in life that we

Do not
Participate in, 
They participate

In us.

We do not happen to them,
They happen to us.

There are events
That place you in another realm of existence,
An existence that you were not consciously
Aware of,
But knew it existed all along.

These events, these happenings,
Deposit something in you that
Fades over time,
Yet continues to haunt your soul long

These events change you,
Mold you,
Destroy you,
Rebuild you,
Propel you.

I have seen the edge,
And it is harder and harder,
As the days go by,
To not want to keep going,
And see all,
That there is to