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This is great, courtesy of my brother:

There’s something humorous about this, and I haven’t quite figured out exactly what it is.  
Is it the actual leaping out of the garbage can?  
Or is it watching the masked-man crumble back into the garbage can after being punched in the mouth? No doubt with his dignity very much not intact?
Here’s to you, college kids.  You make the world go ’round.



Does anyone know anything about thrift stores? I got the idea to start one up a few years ago and have just been kind of sitting on it for sometime.  

Partly because I’m an idealist.
Partly because I haven’t the first clue about how to run a thrift store (or any store, for that matter).

And not just any thrift store, but a thrift store that sells quality goods. And not only that, but we find the unemployed and underemployed workers and pay them a real stellar wage.  Something that gets their home fiscally stimulated as well as impacting the local economy. 

If you have knowledge that you would like to “drop” on me, hit me up at justin(at) 

Also, I’m looking for good places on the web that have HTML templates to download and make your own. I want to revamp our mother site,, into a showcase for the design side of Deviant Media Group. We’re moving more into a design firm than a clothing company and I would like the site to reflect that.

We’ve designed pieces for schools, churches, ministries, businesses, weddings (invites, programs, etc.), and just really love doing it.  Interested?  Hit us up at design(at)
That’s all for now, folks.  Let me know about the thrift stores and HTML templates.  Peace to you and yours!


This guy.

This video… man. This video got me in trouble today in class. I just… Wow. Take a look:



Blogging Bethel (v.1)

Okay, so the picture you’re looking at is of an unhappy me with a band playing in the background, over my left shoulder. There’s three dudes here and they’re all wearing trendy hats and shoes and playing their guitars very loudly. Right in front of me.

I am in a coffee shop. When I am in a coffee shop, it’s usually to plug my earphones in, sip an Americano, and crank out some work. When I’m in a coffee shop, I usually like to be left alone. Not to be entertained.

This band is trying to entertain me. That is why I am unhappy.

I’m all for artistic creativity – really, I am. But please, trendy-hat friends, can’t you just be creative somewhere else?! Not here. Anywhere else but here.

Oh well. Guess it’s back to turning up “Band of Horses” even louder and making it obvious that I’m not listening to them. I’d be nicer in different circumstances, but a brotha’s got a lot of reading to do.

Peace to you…..